Archjourney provides inspiration and knowledge to help architects be informed while traveling.

ArchJourney is your curated destination for excellent examples of Architecture in major cities. We limit our recommendations to 15 projects per city. 5 landmark projects, which we consider famous projects like churches, towers and bridges. 5 classic projects, critically acclaimed from 1900 to the turn of the 21st century. And 5 recent projects that come highly recommended from architects, critics, or professors from those cities.

In 2017, while working as architects in academia, we realized the need for a resource and knowledge base for students of architecture while studying and traveling abroad. What started as a platform to collect the most important information to help architecture students be informed travelers grew to become a tool for organizing architecture-focused trips around the world.

We strive to limit our recommendations to projects that are easy to visit and provide a good visiting experience to a travelling architect, student, or connoisseur. Therefore we avoid projects that are closed to the public and not impressive from the outside. Though, we do include some projects that are good enough to be appreciated from the outside alone.

We want your feedback! If for some reason a particular project is below your expectations as a prime example of excellent architecture for a traveler, please reach out to us with your recommendations for improvement.

This website is an ongoing research at Clemson University School of Architecture, funded by the CAF [Clemson Advancement Foundation]. ArchJourney was initially developed in 2017 by Ulrike Heine. The site is planning to become a top online destination for traveling students, architects, educators, and fans.

ArchJourney’s development team

Ulrike Heine  |  Bert Nash  |  Celia Gannaway  |  Katherine Price  |  Alyssa Pinkham  |  David Sharpe

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Feedback is critical for us. If you want to submit a review of our website, comment on our projects, share a great story with our readers, report as error, or give us a tip, please contact us.

Archjourney allows anyone to participate and contribute. Please contact us if you would like to suggest further projects. We’re always open to new perspectives.